into you

A 30-day manifesting journal practice to

bring forth your truest desires and hIGHEST calling

Let’s BE real for a second.


You're bored, yet feel busier than ever. 

At the end of the day your tank is spent, but when you look back on the day you ask yourself “what did I even do?”

You're seeing others fully living their lives and you're asking yourself “what's their secret?” 

You notice you're afraid to ready take action towards what it is you want in this life… whether it's attend a dance class or start up your own business. 


Until I got to know myself in a different way. It started in the mornings as simply sitting down to journal a gratitude list for a few minutes, and then evolved into knowing myself in a deeper level than I ever had before. 

I wanted to get to know myself better, so I could become a person who was unafraid to be myself fully. 

Over years of experimenting with different journal practice and prompts, I realized I was evolving into a woman who was much more comfortable in her own skin, had more courage to use her voice and felt a deeper connection to myself than ever before. 

All this experimenting brought me into the development of Flourish, a three part framework that helps you shut off the noise of the world all around you, and tap into a deeper knowing and trust of yourself. 



Because you need space and a method to explore who you want to be.  Maybe you already have a pretty clear idea, or maybe you have no idea at all... wherever you're at, this will help you step out of hiding and into your fullest life , desires and calling 


Who is FLOURISH for? 


The person who has a  rumbling inside of them that there is something more that they're meant to do and create and be.

The person who feels like something is missing... life is good, they thinkshould feel happy. But there's a void somewhere.

The person who desires to create their fulfillment their own individual way through their own creations & genius.

The person who is willing to create something from nothing.   


What is Flourish

A 3-step proven framework that will help you deeply understand your purpose, calling and joys in this one precious life we get to live.



You'll learn how to plant the seeds of your desires and begin focusing on the like and delights of life. This is Manifestation 101 - to align yourself with joy. 



With desire comes fear. Did you know that? This is place where you learn how to look at your fears head-on so that they no longer hold you back. 



Once you plant your seed you need to set the conditions for success. You'll learn how to become your own sun, ensuring optimal growth for the seeds of your biggest desires. 



In addition to the Flourish framework video lessons + journal practice, you'll also receive seven bite-sized video lesson to help you maximize this experience, as well as a variety of meditations and a PDF version of the journal that you can print. 

What is required of you?

Discipline. Commitment.  Letting go of perfection. You might not do it perfectly for 30 days, but what you are doing is you're opening up your mind to possibility.

You're opening up yourself to what is it that you like and what you want to create. It will help you see what's stopping you from creating that now. You'll walk away saying "no matter what, I'm going to create it anyway, regardless of what the fears are, regardless of what my brain is telling me."

I’m not holding back and I’m not keeping secrets; this is the real deal, designed to walk you through tried-and-true strategies in small, bite-sized steps.



A lesson for each part of the Flourish framework. In order to stick to this practice daily, it helps to know why and how each part of it benefits you.


A PDF version of the journal that you can print and utilize daily


Seven additional bite sized videos that will teach you about manifestation and help you stay aligned with this journal practice, and amplify your results


A variety of meditations to compliment your journaling expereince.


Tips and practices for living your life in a way that helps ignite the Flourish journal practice on a deeper level

Ok, so how can i access thIS LIFE CHANGING PRACTICE?

Once you sign up you'll get an email taking you directly an online learning platform where you get access to all the lessons, journal and meditations of Flourish.